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Types Of Phifer Screens For Your Enclosures

If you are considering getting an enclosure made for your pool or patio, or are planning to get your screen changed, you have a lot to consider. The function of an enclosure is to keep out excess dust, debris, leaves, birds and sometimes even pets and toddlers. Therefore, when purchasing a screen, you must keep these in mind and then weigh your choices.

If you don’t plan to get your pool cleaned regularly, then you should opt for a glass screen or one with fibers close together. If you have young kids or pets that might fall into the pool and drown, then you should get a glass or fiberglass screen that is strong enough to keep them out. And if you want to keep the enclosure well-ventilated then you can go for any simple screen instead of glass ones. Another thing you should keep in mind is that which will require less maintenance, and is easier to wash; like softer screens might need to be replaced more often since they are easily damaged.

phifer pool and patio screen material

Now that you know exactly what options to weigh when getting a Phifer screen, it is time to have a look at all your options:

1.   18×14 Fiberglass Screen

This screen is designed to allow the free flow of the wind and ample sunlight to seep in, without letting any insects get inside the enclosure. This type of screen is available in charcoal and silver grey colors. Our top selling screen for pool cage enclosures in florida because of its versatility and durability.

2.   No-See-Ums (20×20) Mesh Screen

Made of fiberglass closely woven together, this screen will have a long and durable run. Also, it is designed to keep even the tiniest of bugs out of your enclosure. It can be purchased in silver grey and charcoal colors.

3.  Glas-Shield

Available in a single shade, this 18×14 fiberglass mesh is efficient in keeping out dirt in debris, along with providing privacy, thanks to it being vinyl-laminated. This screen is most commonly used for the lower half of patio screen enclosures to keep the dirt and debris out from the patio area.

4.   TuffScreen

This heavy-duty screen mesh made from vinyl-coated polyester, which is three times as strong as fiberglass. This screen is specifically designed to avoid wear and tear due to pets, children and the harsh weather. Available in black, this screen is efficient in keeping out insects.

5.   TuffScreen No-See-Ums

Available in standard black, this tight and durable mesh is perfect for keeping out small insects. It is ideal if you are opting for a retractable enclosure system, and is great at providing daytime privacy.

6.   SunTex 80/90

SunTex 80/90 are heavy-duty screens designed to blocks out 80% to 90% of the sun’s harsh glare and heat, along with stopping insects from entering the enclosure. The available colors in both SunTex 80 and SunTex 90 are brown, black, grey, stucco, beige and bronze.

Top benefits:

• Reduces the heat from the sun rays

• Gives good privacy in the daytime

• Provides great outward visibility

• Very strong screen

7.   PetScreen

This pet and insect resistant screen is puncture and tear resistant, so your pets don’t leave the premise of your home and neither do they enter your pool enclosure. The available colors for this screen are black and grey.

Now that you know what your options are, choose wisely! Each type of Phifer screen material has its unique purpose and having the right one on your screen enclosures will give you the feel, look, privacy, or safety you’re looking for.