Pool Screen Enclosure Cost

Pool Screen Enclosure Cost

When thinking about getting a pool screen enclosure installed, homeowners usually shy away from thinking it will burn a huge hole in their pockets. This estimate of theirs is somewhat true, however, it isn’t 100% accurate in all cases. While the labor costs and screening companies’ fees pretty much stay the same, the same can’t be said about other factors affecting cost. Find out below the pool screen enclosure cost for your home’s pool.

cost of pool screen enclosure

The average cost of getting a pool enclosure is around $30,000 give or take for an average size inground swimming pool, an average $6-$8 dollars per square foot. However, this does not mean that you will have to pay this exact amount. Getting a pool enclosure can cost you anything from $4,000 to $11,000. Yet in some rare cases, the cost of a pool enclosure can go up as much as around $50,000.

Reasons behind wide-ranging costs on enclosures are:


1. The size of the area being screened plays a major role in contributing to the cost of getting a pool enclosure. As large the area, the more materials it will take and the more time it will take to be built, thereby costing more (especially if you are paying an hourly labor wage).


2. The height of the enclosure also contributes to the cost, not only will you have to purchase larger or more screens, but more material, time and effort will also go in making sure that the tall structure stays up.

Number of screen walls

3. The number of screen walls needed to form an enclosure is also a contributing factor. What this means is that it is not necessary that you have to pay for or need all four walls to form an enclosure, you can cut costs by building an enclosure around a wall of the house. This will require you to get only three screen walls made, saving you the cost of one wall.

Type of screen material

4. The type of materials and screen being used for the enclosure matter a lot. Cheaper the cost of materials, cheaper the total cost. However, cheap materials are not always the best option. Only decide the materials you need on your own requirements. Some screens are relatively cheaper than others, yet this is due to the material they are made of, their durability and function. One typical mistake homeowners with pets make is buying a cheap material and not investing in a pet screen material for the lower half of the screen enclosure.

Labor costs

5. The labor costs or fee charged by a screening company contribute to the total cost of getting an enclosure built. Search the market and get a few quotes before deciding whether you should DIY an enclosure, hire contractors or pay a pool screening company to do the job.

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