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Everything You Need To Know About Patio Screen Repair For Your Home

Enjoy the sun, but escape the heat.

A screened porch or patio added on to your home offers an extra special living space, whether you’re trying to keep out of the scorching heat during a hot summer’s day but make the most of the rays, or you’re wanting to enjoy the daylight or entertain guests despite bucketing rain or stormy weather.

Your porch screen allows you to do what an open patio or porch simply can’t. And we all know how unpredictable the weather can be, right? A screen will also keep out unwanted bugs and strays, ensuring a safe and pleasant space for you and your whole family to enjoy year round.

Aside from the weather, a screen enclosure – when designed and installed by professionals – can look truly beautiful, and add another layer of architectural design to your home.

If you’ve already invested a lot of money into one of these screened outdoor spaces, you’ll want to do all you can to protect and maintain it, and get up to speed on what to expect in the years to come. Because sooner or later, screen patios all need to be repaired and replaced, no matter how well you look after them.

Here at Screenvana, we want to empower our customers – that’s you! –  with the knowledge and talent for spotting early signs of damage or weakness in your screened enclosure, so that you can enjoy it at its best, saving yourself time and money in the process.

How to give your patio a new lease of life

Is your patio screen, or patio screen door looking a little bit worn and in need of a little love?

At Screenvana, we have a special patio screen repair kit to fix any screen panel, along with complete replacement services that will restore your screen, seamlessly reviving the youthful glow and beauty it had when it was brand new!

You might just need a window screen repair, or a screen door replacement – both of which can be carried out quickly and to the highest standards by our team. We also offer special insect or sun control screening fabric, which can be added to your existing windows and doors with ease, providing an extra layer of comfort to your patio screen.

Repairing your screen enclosure – whether it’s a porch screen, pool enclosure, or any other kind of screen – will not only make your home look so much better from the outside, but it will make it much more functional on the inside. Holes and tears will allow insects and debris into your patio space, which can then quickly spread to the rest of your home. Water can also get in during particularly bad weather, causing unwanted damage or damp in your living space.

The great news is all of the above can be avoided by calling a reputable and efficient screen repair company in to take care of it – and that’s exactly where we come in. Screenvana are a Miami based screen repair company specialising in quality work, outstanding customer service, and incredible value.

We won’t let your property investment go to waste, and neither should you!

Know when it’s time to move on…

How do you know when it’s time to replace your old patio screen enclosure?

Generally speaking, a well built and well maintained enclosure should last around seven to ten years, but minor repair work should be expected during this time.

However, depending on the damage, it might make more sense at times to simply replace the whole patio screen rather than attempt to repair the existing one.

For example, if one of your screens gets torn due to a storm, or an animal gnawing at it, repairing it will be far more hassle than it’s worth. The entire screen will be compromised, even if it doesn’t appear like it, so you’re best off getting a professional to replace the whole patio screen rather than opting for enclosure repair.  

When it comes to a pool enclosure, complete rescreening may be necessary to address damage caused to individual screens, because the root cause of that damage may in time lead to further screens being affected. If you’re unsure, we can send someone to thoroughly inspect your screen to give you a full breakdown of all the facts before making a decision.

If you do decide to rescreen your whole patio or pool, we will ensure a thorough, high quality service throughout. We’ll remove all of the old rubber holding the screens, remove and replace all screens with our durable and premium screens, adjust the hinges on your doors or fit new doors at your request, and replace all screws and hardware.

How to prevent your pets going through the screen!

If you have a pet, it’s important to install a dog or cat door through your sliding screen door, otherwise there’s a high risk of your pet crashing into the screen, and you’ll be looking for a screen door replacement pretty soon!

At Screenvana, we’re able to fully customise your patio screen installment or replacement to suit your current needs – with dog and cat doors as well as animal resistant screens and screen guards – and make your enclosure pet friendly.

So whether you’re looking for a new screen door with a pet door, or a pet door fitted into your existing patio enclosure – Screenvana can do both.

Make the most of your home today!

You’re already fortunate enough to be a homeowner in beautiful Miami, but you should also be able to enjoy your patio all year round – no excuses. So if your screen enclosure is in need of repair work, get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

We at Screenvana use nothing but the best quality materials, and highly trained installers, ensuring a premium service and product from the beginning through to the end.

We’ve repaired and replaced hundreds of screens and complete enclosures across the city already – you’re just one call away from transforming your home today!