How To Clean A Screen Room In 5 Steps

//How To Clean A Screen Room In 5 Steps

How To Clean A Screen Room In 5 Steps

How To Clean A Screen Room In 5 Steps

Keeping the screen room clean is important for the maintenance of the pool. However, unlike swimming pools, it doesn’t require weekly cleaning; in fact, it only needs to be cleaned when a layer of dust settles on the screen. This cleaning is necessary to keep the pool clean, thereby reducing the need for frequent pool maintenance, water wastage and skin and breathing issues caused by dust.

Cleaning a screen room isn’t a random process, it is a systematic process that needs to be done by the book.

Move furniture and decorations:

The first step is to remove all furniture, decorations and potted plants from the screen room. The furniture is then given a thorough cleaning and polishing. The decorations are dusted and kept aside.

Clean pool enclosure or screen:

The next step is cleaning the pool enclosure or screen that has a layer of dust settled on it. While a leaf blower might blow away debris and dust, making it satisfactory, it won’t do much good on the dust that has stuck to the screen because of the moisture. In order to make the screen spotless, what you need to do is give the enclosure a good wash. Wash the screen with warm soapy water (use only mild dish soap) mixed with vinegar, and give it a gentle scrubbing using a soft bristle brush. Spray clean water (on low pressure, so the screen doesn’t get damaged) on it to remove the excess soap and let the screen dry. The screen can be dried using either the leaf blower (on a low setting) or a chamois cloth, don’t leave it to air dry. If in the process of cleaning the screen it gets torn, it is most likely because your pool screen is old and ready to be re-screened. If you don’t want to do it yourself and feel it is too dangerous, schedule a free in-house quote with one of our technicians and get your enclosure rescreening professionally done.

Removing algae and mold:

Create a mild or diluted solution of water and bleach and spray it on the floors and enclosure. Let it soak for a few minutes before using a wet soft bristle brush to scrub it in a sideways or up and down manner. Rinse off the solution with water from a pump or hose sprayer. If you are using a pressure washer then make sure that it is on a mild or low setting.


The floors need to be washed in the same manner as the screen, with soapy water, a diluted bleach solution or a floor cleaning liquid, and a good scrubbing with a brush.

Swimming pool:

Drain all water from the pool and give it a good cleaning because chances are that the dirt, debris and murky water might have gotten mixed with the pool water. However, our recommendation would be to hire a professional to clean your pool, who can aptly monitor the chemical levels (from the cleaning products) so they don’t cause any harm to the swimmers.

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